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Radiance Box
Radiance Box
Radiance Box
Radiance Box
Radiance Box

Radiance Box

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  • Ritual candles + candle holders
  • 10 ml. handmade magic Radiance Anointing Oil ($14 value)
  • Smudge tools to cleanse and energize your space
  • Hand-picked and charged crystals
  • Detailed spell instructions
  • Links to recorded meditations, mantras, or invocations
  • BONUS: Love Ritual Bath Herbs

Your magic is more powerful when you’re confident, focused, and in total alignment with your purpose! Radiance Box is a ritual that will leave you feeling gorgeous from the inside-out and ready to take on the world.

Use these potent magical tools to harness the energy of self-love, confidence, clarity, and boundless beauty, all while digging deep into what you’re here to offer the world.

Radiance Box contains everything you need to perform a complete spell, including detailed instructions. Just click, it’ll ship, and you’ll be manifesting your wildest (and most powerful) dreams in no time.

Radiance Box is for you if:

  • You want to work on self-love and self-compassion
  • You feel stuck in a creative or energetic rut
  • You’re searching for some confidence and clarity in your life
  • You want to find alignment with your purpose

Everything in Radiance Box is handmade or hand-curated and blessed under a waxing moon bring you closer to your inner goddess.