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Love Ritual Oil
Love Ritual Oil

Love Ritual Oil

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Organic, Cold-Pressed, Crystal Infused

A versatile crystal- and moon-charged oil to help you focus your magical money intentions.

  • Rub it on candles to supercharge their magic
  • Dab it on talismans
  • Anoint your ritual tools
  • Use it as a natural oil-based perfume to remind yourself of the infinite love of the universe

Possible intentions:

  • Heart opening 
  • Attract new love
  • Bring spark back to an existing relationship
  • Deepen an existing relationship
  • Deepen self-love

Notes: Rose, citrus

Charged with:

  • Rose quartz for heart-opening, love attracting, and compassion building. Whether you're looking for the love of your life or more self-love, rose quartz will help you relax and trust in the divine timing of all things

Ingredients: Organic, cold-pressed almond oil, organic rose oil, organic cinnamon oil, organic lemon oil, organic jasmine oil