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Golden Healing Spell Box

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***THIS IS A PRE-ORDER*** Will ship on or around December 10, 2019

December's Healing Spell Box is the first of the Small-Batch Magic series. Every 2-4 weeks, I'll be announcing a special spell box, of which there will be a very limited quantity. 

Spell Purpose

This spell is designed for relief from pain, stress, and grief; also for healing illness of the mind and emotions.

At its core, this is a healing spell. Think of it as a soothing balm for the heart and soul. We're always in a state of processing and healing, but some are in it deeper than others.

If you're in the midst of healing physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional trauma and you feel like you could use some support, this healing spell is 100% for you. 


  • 1 Healing Ritual Candle
  • 1 oz. L'Acqua (Florida Water cleansing spray)
  • 2 oz. Healing Body Balm
  • 1 Healing Bath Herbs + Bath Salts
  • 1 cinnamon and pine smoke cleansing wand
  • 1 Golden Healer quartz crystal
  • Detailed spell instructions

This Healing Spell is for you if:

  • You're on a physical or spiritual healing journey
  • You're going through a huge transition
  • You're mourning the ending of something in your life
  • Your heart hurts and you're not sure why
  • You're in the depths of processing family or ancestral trauma
  • You or someone you love is deep in the physical or spiritual healing process and you want support

Everything in this Healing Box is handmade or hand-curated and blessed under a waxing moon for your deepest healing.