Radiance Box Resources

Welcome! If you’re here, that means you’re about to cast some major magic with your Radiance Box ritual kit. I’m so honored to be a part of that journey. 

There are so many nuances to magic - way too many to fit on your spell card. So, I wanted to create a space for you to learn more about each and every component of your Radiance Box, plus all the many ways you can add to or mix up your magic!

Let's dive in.

Notes on When to Perform Your Spell

Every box comes with a recommendation for when to cast your spell, based on the moon phase and day of the week.

THIS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! When your intention is strong and focused, you can cast any type of magic on any day of the week! Please don't let this stop you from using your ritual box.

Radiance Ritual Bath

Your spell card comes with the basics of creating a radiance ritual bath with your Radiance Herbs, but there's so much more I wanted to share.

This article contains details on more goodies to add to your bath and different preparation techniques. 

Add even more to your Radiance Ritual Bath.

Optional Recordings

Music is a huge part of my ritual and spell practice. Here are a couple of recordings you can use during your practice, whether you're soaking in your herbal bath or doing your ritual.

Here's a 20-minute relaxing playlist.

And a deeper, more ceremonial playlist.

Radiance Crystal Meanings

Your Radiance Box came with two stones. Even though the stones will always technically be the same in every box, their size, coloring, and shape may vary. Here's a short guide on how to identify each stone and brief descriptions of what they mean.

Desert Rose: 

A type of selenite, desert rose is a unique crystal that forms over thousands of years out of sand, water, and wind. Each tiny rose-like formation holds many of the same powers as selenite — protection, purification, grounding, and prosperity. It’s also known for relieving stress and enhancing willpower, making it a great stone to keep in your workspace or even your gym bag.

But the reason I chose the desert rose for Radiance Box was because its energy helps you set the stage for some deep intuitive work. Part of regaining your personal power and confidence is by fostering a meaningful relationship with yourself and your inner knowing.

The desert rose removes and recycles old or negative energy, which also removes any obstacles between you and your intuition. Use the desert rose to rid your mind of anxiety, fear, and doubt and get ready to receive powerful guidance from your intuition and psychic abilities.


The moonstone comes in many colors, shapes, and sizes, with the most popular being a milky-whitish yellow color. Your stone may look brown, white, yellow, or even have pink or blue-green tones.

The moonstone holds the feminine, fertile energy of the moon — a sensual, knowing energy that connects you to your heart and your divine feminine. Like the desert rose, moonstone is meant to clear any sense of fear and self-doubt to connect you with your highest self — your intuitive power.

This crystal also reminds you that everything has a phase and change — the constant spiral of life — is the only constant. It will help you let go of stress and fear and go with the flow.

How to Create a Radiance Altar

You can create an altar for pretty much anything, from love to prosperity, to honoring a specific deity. Like a lot of this stuff, creating a specific altar is optional, but if you want to check out some of the offerings, crystals, and flowers that correspond to more self-love and personal power, check out this article.

How to create a radiance altar - Coming soon!

How to Cleanse and Purify Your Space

Cleansing your physical space is the first step to getting in the right headspace for magic. Using herbs, other plants, and resins, you can clear your space of any negative or unwanted energy so your spell can better take hold. Think of creating a sacred space as clearing the clutter and noise so the universe can hear you loud and clear.  

Here's everything you need to know about cleansing and clearing

How to Cast and Close Your Circle

The easiest possible way to cast a protective circle around your space is to picture a circle of white or golden light surrounding you. Boom. That's it. Of course, we can always make this a more elaborate process, including calling in the quarters and protective spirits and guides. If you want more, check out the article below.

How to cast and close your circle, step-by-step

What is Anointing Oil and How to Use it

Ritual oils are used to bless our bodies and magical tools in preparation for spell work. You can also use them to “fix” or “dress” a candle for maximum magic. Specific oils are also used for specific rituals — for things like love, money, clarity, or protection. 

Your Radiance Box came with a bottle of handmade and blessed Radiance Oil, perfect for use in ritual, spell work, and self-care.

Here is a full resource on anointing oil and how to use it.