Prosperity Box Resources

Welcome! If you’re here, that means you’re about to cast some major prosperity magic. I’m so honored to be a part of that journey. 

There are so many nuances to magic - way too many to fit on your spell card! So, I wanted to create a space for you to learn about each and every component of your Prosperity Box, plus all the many ways you can add to or mix up your magic!

Let's dive in!

Prosperity Downloads

How to Cast and Close Your Circle

The easiest possible way to cast a protective circle around your space is to picture a circle of white or golden light surrounding you. Boom. That's it.

Of course, we can always make this a more elaborate process, including calling in the quarters and protective spirits and guides. If you want more, check out the article below.

How to cast and close your circle, step-by-step

Optional Prosperity Meditation

Optional Prosperity Spell Journal Prompts

Notes on When to Perform Your Spell

Every spell comes with a recommendation for when to cast your spell, based on the moon phase and day of the week.

THIS IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL! When your intention is strong and focused, you can cast any type of magic on any day of the week! Please don't let this stop you from using your ritual box.

Prosperity Ritual Bath

Your spell card comes with the basics of creating a prosperity ritual bath with your Prosperity Herbs, but there's so much more I wanted to share! 

This article contains details on more goodies to add to your bath and different preparation techniques. 

Get all the details on your Prosperity Ritual Bath

Prosperity Crystal Meanings

Your Prosperity Box came with three stones. Even though the stones will always technically be the same in every box, their size, coloring, and shape may vary.

Here's a short guide on how to identify each stone and brief descriptions of what they mean:

Citrine: Natural citrine can range from darker golden-brown to super light like a quartz crystal with the slightest tinge of yellow-gold. I've included both the super light and super dark raw citrine stones in Prosperity Box. 

Citrine is known for bringing wealth and abundance, but it's also amazing for creative, clarity, and energy. You can read more about citrine here.

Aventurine: This stone is a beautiful green (like money, honey!) and is known for being one of the luckiest stones on the planet. Not only does it draw good fortune, but it also clears negative energy and old, crappy thought patterns. The perfect stone for drawing more wealth and abundance, in my humble opinion.

Tiger's eye: Named for its golden and brown stripes, tiger's eye is a beautifully grounding stone. Use it to find the courage and inspiration to go after exactly what you want. Also heavily associated with money and wealth. 

How to Create a Prosperity Altar

You can create an altar for pretty much anything, from love to prosperity, to honoring a specific deity.

Like a lot of this stuff, creating a specific altar is optional, but if you want to learn a little more about how I craft my altars, you can check out this article:

How To Build An Altar: Step-By-Step

How to Cleanse and Purify Your Space

Cleansing your physical space is the first step to getting in the right headspace for magic. Using herbs, other plants, and resins, you can clear your space of any negative or unwanted energy so your spell can better take hold.

Think of creating a sacred space as clearing the clutter and noise so the universe can hear you loud and clear.  Check out this article for everything you need to know about clear negative or unwanted energy:

How to Remove Negative Energy and Prepare Your Space for Ritual

What is Anointing Oil and How to Use it

Your Prosperity Box came with a hand-made anointing oil that's been blessed and charged under a waxing moon for your highest prosperity. But what is anointing oil, exactly? And what are some ways you can work with it on a daily basis?

Check out this article all about anointing oils to find out:

How to Use Anointing Oil to Supercharge Your Manifestations