Welcome to Manifest Box. This isn’t just a place for powerfully charged, curated spell boxes.

It’s a place for magic.

Where spells are cast and guides are found. Here you can find education, resources, and hand-picked tools and talismans, and endless inspiration for a beautiful, intentional life.

The magical and metaphysical are for everyone and I wanted to create a place where you feel welcome and supported along your spiritual path.

Take the guesswork out of your spell work.

The story behind the box

I created Manifest Box when I was living with my parents in my Central Valley, California hometown. Let’s just say the only place to get the things I needed for magic making were big box craft stores and Amazon.

Ordering every single item I needed for a simple spell was time consuming and expensive.

In fact, most days I just wished for a box I could open with all the spell ingredients and detailed instructions inside.

So I made that box.

And I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

The witch behind the box

Hey there. I’m Mal, resident witch here at Manifest Box.

I’m a writer, holistic nutritionist, and witch living the dream in sunny Los Angeles. When I’m not making magic and creating custom spells, candles, and potions, I’m probably eating, at the gym, in front of my altar, or walking my insane pup Whiskey.

Things you wouldn’t know by looking at me:

  • That I’m a witch
  • That I love lifting weights
  • I’ve been married and (happily) divorced
  • I used to co-own a farm
  • Past careers include journalist and cruise ship crew member

Manifest Box is a place I come to share all things magic and witchy, plus herbal concoctions and other tips for simple everyday magic.


Spells kind of saved me. I know, I know. So dramatic.

I didn’t grow up with any kind of ritual or ceremony. But ritual is part of our DNA.

Some of my earliest memories are making potions in our backyard. By the time I was about 10, my best friend and I started checking out giant books of spells from the library.

We’d prep during the day, then sneak out after our parents went to sleep to chant and dance under the moon.

Thank god our neighborhood was relatively safe in the early 90s!

I lost touch with magic for a long time.

Through college, starting a career, and several toxic relationships. I lost all of my magic. I lost myself.

When I found magic again, it became a guiding light.

Through my divorce, through illness, through several big moves. I used magic to navigate family tragedies, more breakups, and to express my immense gratitude for all of these crazy hard lessons.

Magic brings clarity. Shows me things I don’t want to see. And it brings me to my knees. Sometimes in mercy, but sometimes in joy!

The work is never done, but these spells are my soul’s scaffolding.

I hope Manifest Box sparks or feeds your fire. And lights your way into the deepest and best parts of yourself.

So it is!

What other spells does Manifest Box offer?

Manifest Box has a spell for everyone; whether you’re lusting for a big promotion, the love of your life, or you’re looking for a little protection before a big trip.

I chose Prosperity Box as the Manifest Box debut, because it’s a spell I crafted to help home in on what prosperity and wealth really means to me. This is the spell that helped me create and launch this site!

Coming soon:

  • Love Box
  • Motivate Me Box
  • Beauty Box
  • Healer’s Box
  • Personal Power Box
  • Success Box

It’s only when we open up the lines of communication with the universe that money can start flowing in.

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Magic, Delivered

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