What is Ritual Oil + How to Use It To Supercharge Your Magic

anointing oil

Mixing magic oils reminds me so much of movies and books about witches creating potent potions.

To this day, anointing and ritual oils are one of my favorite things to make and buy. I use them as body oils, perfumes, and dab drops of oil around my office and room. Gorgeous smelling oils make all of your magic more potent.

Read on to learn all about anointing oils, anointing oil ingredients, how they work, and how to choose the best anointing oils for your practice.

A Short (And Incomplete) History of Ritual Oils and Anointing Oils in Magic

Most people likely associate anointing oils with religious traditions — namely Christian religions. Various Christian lineages have used anointing oils on priests and other religious leaders to set them apart as sacred from the rest of the population.

Other Western traditions include anointing kings and prophets. And sacred oils were used by healers and clergy to heal the sick or undo curses.

Even today, religious leaders anoint followers with oils and water during baptisms and other ceremonies.

Other folk magic traditions like Hoodoo use conjure and "conditioning" oils, which consist of carrier oils, essential oils, herbs, stones, and other elements like gold and silver.

Conjure oils are usually prepared by Hoodoo practitioners using specific recipes passed down throughout generations. I don’t know a lot about Hoodoo, but it’s best to get your conjure oils from a Hoodoo Priest or Priestess. You’ll get a set of specific instructions on how to use it.

In European-based magic and folk magic traditions, ritual oil recipes use many of the same ingredients — essential oils, herbs, stones, and other elements.

We use oils to bless our bodies and magical tools in preparation for spell work. Or to “fix” or “dress” a candle for maximum magic. Specific oils are also used for specific rituals — for things like love, money, clarity, or protection.

So, what is ritual oil and how does it work?

What is ritual oil?

Ritual and magic oils are sacred oils that are blessed and energetically charged using intention, plants, crystals, and the moon cycles to create massive magic.

All ritual oils look a little different depending on your magical or religious tradition. I follow a predominantly Western and Southern European folk magic tradition. And our oils are a mixture of:

  • A carrier oil
  • Essential oils
  • Dried herbs, roots, and flowers
  • Crystals
  • Intention

In addition to small stones, I’ll sometimes add gold flakes or iron shavings, according to the intention or any recipe that’s been passed down.

All magic oils strengthen your intention and work to "supercharge" the spell or ritual. 

For instance -- rub some oil on a candle and that candle magic will become even more powerful.

Add some powerful ritual oil to the petals of a flower during ritual and the essence of that flower is magnified. Anoint yourself or others during a spell or ritual and your intentions go to the next level.

How Does Ritual Oil Work?

Anointing oil holds all the energies of the oils, plants, roots, and stones it contains. The ingredients are what hold the oil’s intent, which is why there are different oil recipes for love, money, clarity, psychic connections, and so much more.

You could also refer to the energy of the ingredients as the soul or spirit of the plants, stones, and essential oils. And these spirits help you to tap into your specific intentions.

That’s also why it’s important to use all essential oils, herbs, flowers, and stones with the utmost respect for the spirits involved. Think of your ritual oil ingredients as gifts from Mother Earth. This kind of gratitude does wonders for manifestation and magic.

Still — YOUR intention is going to be the strongest ingredient in your ritual oil.

Even if you’re buying pre-made oils (more on how to choose the right oils in a minute), you’ll want to charge your oil with your energy and intention.

How to Charge Your Oil

Charging your oil with your intention is simple. The first step is to choose your oil or make your own. There are numerous recipes on Pinterest and all over the Internet.

I sell a few in the store, made with super high-quality oils and stones.

And even though I bless and charge each oil myself, I still think it’s crucial for you to charge your oil before use.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get clear on your intention. For instance, if it’s romance you crave, think of exactly what you want from your relationship and how it will feel to have that. If it’s more money, conjure the feeling of being wealthy … what does that feel like to you?
  2. Hold your ritual oil between your hands in front of you. Close your eyes, picturing your intent.
  3. I like to meditate for a few minutes and visualize my intent as a glowing golden or white light flowing into the bottle.
  4. Continue with your visualization for 1-5 minutes. Or stop whenever you feel like it.
  5. Your oil is now charged with your intention.

You can also charge your oil with Full Moon or New Moon energy. Simply leave the bottle under the moon’s light — in a window sill or outside.

Moon energy is incredibly potent, creative, feminine, and fertile — perfect for manifestation.

How to use ritual oils

anointing oil

For generations of magic makers, anointing and ritual oils have been used to turn a normal object (or person) into something more sacred.

Knowing that you could use your oil on anything that needs a touch of magic (assuming the oil won’t damage it).

You can anoint (dab a touch of oil onto):

  • Candles (don’t get oil on the wick)
  • Crystals and other stones
  • Altar tools like vases, bowls, or incense burners
  • Jewelry and other talismans
  • Photos of your intention or vision boards

You can also dab a bit of oil on your wrists and neck before ritual or your morning meditation. Make sure to check the ingredients. Cinnamon oil and citrus oils can burn your skin in large amounts.

Anxious about work or paying bills? Dab a bit of Prosperity Oil around your workspace or on a paper bill that you’re about to pay online.

Going out on a hot date? Love Oil on your wrists and behind your ears can help draw in the one you love. Radiance Oil was designed to foster deep self-love and compassion. 

And Clarity Oil is amazing for meditation or in work situations when you need to think clearly or make important decisions. 

How to Anoint Candles with Ritual Oil

Candle magic is a type of ritual performed throughout many folk magic and occult traditions using candles, oils, herbs, and other materials for magic and manifestation.

Fire is one of the more transformative elements, changing solids to liquid, gas, steam or ash, providing warmth, and transforming raw foods into cooked creations. So it makes sense to use fire (candle flames) to transform dreams and wishes into reality.

I first got into anointing and ritual oils because of candle magic.

Many candle magic spells call for a totally separate ritual to create the anointing oil, so I would find myself putting a ton of time into the oil before I could even start the spell. And since many oils call for a number of ingredients, I decided just to start making and selling the oils myself.

Not everyone has access to the right ingredients or the time to spend on making the oils from scratch.

In candle magic, you can use ritual oils help to “supercharge” the candle. You simply anoint the sides or the top of the candle with a few drops of oil, being careful not to saturate the wick. Then you can “feed” the candle daily with another drop or two of oil as an offering to Spirit.

Not only are you covering the candle in the plants' essence, but you’re also connecting with your candle even more through a sensory experience (touch and smell), which charges it even more with your intention.

For instance, you can use a green candle for a prosperity spell, but when you pair that with a prosperity or abundance anointing oil, your magic is twice as strong. As you anoint the candle with the oil, allow your energy and intent to flow into the candle.

So, where is the best place to find authentic, high-quality ritual oil? And what should you look for in a good oil?

What to look for when buying a magical oil

The quality of your oil matters when it comes to magic making. And much like choosing crystals, it’s important to get a good vibe from the oil you’re buying.

Here are a few steps to take when you’re choosing a magic oil to work with:

  1. First, get clear on your intention. Whether you need to journal or meditate or talk about it with a friend or coach, get down to the root of the matter. For instance, if you want more money, get clear on the “why” behind your desires.
  2. After you choose your intentions, you can pick your oil. Go with companies that feel good to you. Maybe you identify with their vibe or you really like their company’s mission.
  3. Once you choose a brand, take a look at their ingredients. Go with oils that are handmade, charged with the moon cycles or with strong intent, and made with all-natural, sustainably sourced, mostly organic ingredients.
  4. Support small businesses when you can. The energy behind big companies like Walmart and Sephora are a lot different than the energy from small businesses. Do a little research into who you’re buying from. And don’t be afraid to ask questions about the products!

Anointing oils and ritual oils have changed my entire magic and manifestation process.

It’s very rare that I do a spell or moon phase ritual without my oils. And there are periods of time (depending on what I’m manifesting) where I use them in my morning meditations and other daily practices as well.

Ritual oils, charged with your specific intent, can be incredibly powerful. So, choose your oils wisely or make them yourself from high-quality raw materials. 

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