10 Ways To Honor Taurus Season

taurus season

Taurus season always makes me think of my sister. While I struggle to keep plants alive, she’s a natural, growing enormous patches of colorful flowers and wild bushes of tomatoes.

She loves animals and worked on farms tending to chickens, goats, and sheep for years after dropping out of art school. Emotionally, she comes off as incredibly grounded and keeps many of most feelings to herself. Everything she does is quiet, yet determined.

She’s not one to talk a lot about her goals and what she’s up to. She’ll just do it. Or not. It’s really not something to be talked about or picked apart. 

I love Taurus season. And Taurus people. Probably because I have zero earth in my chart and I crave the groundedness of it all. 

Not sure what Taurus season is all about? Read on for some details on this beautiful time, our first earth sign of the Zodiac, and how to honor your time here.

What Is Taurus Season All About?

Taurus season blesses us as the second sign in the Zodiac from April 19th through May 20th.

Ruled by sensual Venus, Taurus season is all about feeding your earthly senses of touch, taste, smell, and sight. Whether that means surrounding yourself with pots of flowers and herbs or making a nightly ritual of sipping fragrant tea and reading a book while soaking in an herbal bath.

Taurus season asks us to think about and feel into what stability and security feel like. And this year WAY more than any other in recent history, that’s about getting back to basics.

As I write this, most of the U.S. and the rest of the world is under mandated social distancing or stay-at-home orders brought on by COVID-19.

For some, this has meant vegging out to Netflix and ordering boxes of wine online. (Hey, no judgment here!) For others, it’s triggered a deep re-evaluation of what’s truly important to us. And if that’s not getting back to basics, I don’t know what is. 

Personally, my partner and I have been researching (and attempting) hydroponic gardens, nurturing some very wilted tomato plants, and (like many of us) cooking every meal for ourselves.

I am re-evaluating my businesses, how and what I communicate with ya’ll, and WHY I push myself so hard. That includes looking at my relationship to work, money, scheduling, cycles, and burnout. 

What about relationships? I don’t know about you, but I’m talking to my family and friends more than I have in years. My partner and I are also trying new ways of staying connected.

Sounds strange for a couple that’s constantly together… But, for us, making *intentional* time has felt a lot different than just physically being near each other 24-7.

Action Item: Getting Back to Basics

As a way to honor Taurus season, you can start to think of what getting back to basics means for you? Have you been naturally drawn to things like growing your own food? Have you stopped spending as much money on “stuff” and put more energy toward planning for the future? Jot down some ways you’re focusing on what really matters.

Venus and The Bull: The Duality of Taurus Season

Ruled by the planet and goddess Venus, yet embodying the bull, Taurus season is both sensual and affectionate, patient and stable, yet can bring up feelings of stubbornness and resistance to change.

Venus is all about beauty, the arts, pleasure, and emotions, while the Taurus symbol of the bull represents bullish determination, fierceness, and fixedness that can be quite intimidating. 

Even if you don’t have a speck of Taurus in your chart, you can use this duality to inform what you focus on during this season. More on ways to maximize Taurus vibes below, but you can start by thinking more about how you’re 

Action Item: Explore Your Own Relationship With Taurus Duality

Sometimes, I think the entire point of this life on earth is to find balance. I talk to a lot of people in my healing practice and EVERYONE has problems with maintaining balance.

Since Venus and Taurus season are both about beauty, pleasure, and emotion, while also embodying fixedness and perseverance, think about the ways you are honoring both. What are the positives and negatives associated with both ways of being?

For instance, if you’re laying by the pool every day, drinking ice tea and listening to your favorite tunes, but totally ignoring your work-from-home duties, maybe you can call in some more bullish determination.

Or, if you can’t pull yourself away from the desk and haven’t enjoyed yourself since quarantine began, what are some ways you can create a little staycation and treat yourself?

Taurus and The Material World

The “keyword” for Taurus is “I have” as the sign is associated with the material plane and earthly possessions. It’s one of the two “money signs” of the Zodiac, Cancer being the other one.

This doesn’t mean that all Taurus folks are obsessed with money and possessions. But there can be a fascination with material things -- even if that means accumulating art supplies and making things with your hands.

Many Taurian folks are happiest at home or in their garden or art studio, surrounded by the things they’ve purchased or created. Again, this isn’t about being money-hungry or only concerned with material objects.

It’s about being infatuated with the earthly things you surround yourself with. Taurians don’t just spend for spending’s sake… they truly value what they accumulate.

Taurus is also related to the idea of security and the search for permanence in things like a home, love, and career. What a fascinating subject to work with during this time in history! 

Action Item: Explore Your Relationship to Money and Material Possessions

Now is the perfect time to look at what you surround yourself with and what you’ve been spending your hard-earned money on. How has this changed since the COVID-19 lockdown? 

How have your values changed? Maybe you’re more focused on the long-term lately, saving for a rainy day (doesn’t get much rainier than this!) and planning a romantic trip rather than blowing money on cheap swimsuits at Target.

You can also use this time to reorganize, purge, and make some donation piles. Use your free time to redecorate or make your house feel more like a home. After all, a Taurus craves order and organization!

10 Ways to Honor Taurus Season

If the above action items got you excited to dig even deeper into the fertile soils of Taurus season, here are a few other ways you can honor the season until May 20th:

#1: Say a prayer for the earth

Our powerful mother needs us now more than ever. Say a prayer or perform a ritual to bring strength and resilience to the only home we have.

#2: Plant some seeds

Anyone with a window can grow seeds from scratch! As you sew your seeds, make an intention alongside them, so your wish will grow along with the greenery.

#3: Get into nature

Taurians are natural earth babies. They love to hike and swim and when they’re at home, they’re probably getting their hands dirty in the garden. This might seem challenging during social distancing or if you live in a big city, but there’s nature all around us if we look. Make it a point to gaze into the treetops and the clouds. Stop and smell the roses. Whatever you can do to bond with Mother Earth.

#4: Practice self-massage

So many us live in our heads and not in our bodies. Multiply that by a million during times of stress and uncertainty. Taurus season asks us to ground and stabilize, which means getting back into the body. Self-massage is a simple practice of taking your favorite oil or lotion and gently massaging it into your skin with intention. Treat yourself as you would a lover, caressing your limbs softly and taking your time.

#5: Get frisky with yourself or a partner

Speaking of getting into your body, sensual touch and orgasm are good for the mind and body! I know that it can feel tough to get your sexy on when times are stressful, but orgasms are a fantastic form of self-care and a practice in getting more in touch with your body.

#6: Dance and shake it out

Not feeling sexual? No worries. Throw on your favorite tunes every morning and dance and shake it out. Bonus points for dancing like no one’s watching. I’ve been getting into my body every day with The Class. It’s like ecstatic dance meets pilates meets shouting. And it’s a glorious release.

#7: Bake and cook up a storm

Taurians love hosting a good dinner party. Or picking some home-grown veggies and whipping up a delicious salad. Honor the season and the groundedness of Taurus by baking bread or cooking a delicious spread -- even if you’re a quarantine party of one!

#8: Refresh your altar with plants and earthly objects

The change in Zodiac signs means a good altar refresh! If you’re not leaving the house or you can’t justify the expense of fresh flowers, add some cuttings from your nature walk or play up your crystals on your altar to honor this month’s earth energy.

#9: Spend some time on the floor (also grounding outside)

You’ve likely heard of grounding or “earthing” -- the practice of putting your feet or your body onto the ground outside to balance your energy and reconnect with the earth. If you can’t get outside (or even if you can), I recommend spending more time on the ground in general. Sitting on the floor or stretching while watching TV, rolling around, and exploring how your body naturally moves can do wonders for pain and stiffness!

#10: Embrace art and music

Taurians are natural artists, with a good ear and eye for beauty and pleasure. Music and art elicit emotion, which can be intimidating in times of crisis. I went for years without singing or creating music because I had so much unresolved trauma… any time I played certain songs or try to sing, I would lose my shit. But I challenge you to embrace your artistic side right now. What did you love creating as a kid or a teenager? What art forms have you always wanted to try? Now is an excellent time to explore your creativity. 

That’s it for the Taurus season rundown. Check back next month for all things Gemini!