Ritual Bath for Beauty, Radiance, and Personal Power

What does radiance mean to you?

To me, it captures the essence of pure self-love. When I think of someone that's done the work to peel away the layers of self-judgment, anger, and resentment to reveal their true and highest selves, I think of the word radiance.

As I was doing the research to create the Radiance Box ritual kit, I actually thought it was going to be a "beauty" spell. 

I wanted something to do when I was feeling down or on my period (a historically challenging time). A ritual that would pull me out of my head and put me into my heart space and make me feel beautiful when I'm at my lowest.

I came up with the Radiance Box ritual instead. And it's way more than a beauty spell.

This is a post all about the Radiance Ritual Bath, which comes in every single Radiance Box; although you can absolutely create this soul-nourishing bath at home anytime.

A Radiance Bath is for you if:

  • You're working on self-love and self-compassion
  • You feel stuck in a creative or energetic rut
  • You’re searching for some confidence and clarity in your life
  • You want to find more alignment with your purpose

Many witches like to add a cleansing ritual before their spell work, and a Radiance Bath is perfect for clearing away unwanted energy and replacing it with loving, clear energy.

What's in your radiance herbal blend?

Flowers and herbs hold powerful energy, all with different frequencies that help to support your magic. In witchcraft, you can use flowers and herbs in a number of different ways, but my favorite way to use them is in or around a medicine bath.

The herbal bath blend in Radiance Box contains:

  • Calendula: constancy, protection from negativity
  • Rose: protection, happiness, security, luck, and love
  • Lavender: strengthens the mind, attracts pure love, supports fertility, and eases stress
  • Orange: success, abundance, happiness, divination 

How to use your radiance herbal blend

In Radiance Box, you’ll receive a small single serving of magic herbs in a muslin drawstring bag. If you don't have a bathtub, sprinkle the herbs on or around your altar before you perform your Radiance Box ritual. 

If you do have a bath, you can use your herbal blend in one of two ways:

Using the muslin bag provided:

  • Place your herbs into the muslin bag and draw the strings tight.
  • Either pop this into your bath and let the herbs infuse into the water; or:
  • Tie the string over the faucet so the hot water runs through the herbs.
  • Option to add some Epsom or dead sea salts for added magical and therapeutic benefits

Making a “bath tea”

  • Empty your Radiance herbal blend into a pot of water – about 4 cups should do.
  • Bring the water and the herbs up to a gentle boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
  • Carefully take your pot to the bath and pour through a strainer right into the tub. Or, you can strain beforehand and take your “tea” to add to your water.

Radiance Meditation

As you get into your bath, picture your highest self. What do you look like? How old are you? What are you wearing? Where are you? What are you doing? 

Visualize yourself throughout your perfect day as your highest self. Where do you wake up? What do you do for a living? How do you react to the inevitable stressors of life?

Once you've gone throughout your day, picture a beautiful, peaceful place of your choosing - a garden, the beach, or the middle of a forest. Now, picture a purple light shining down from the sky and bathing your head, your shoulders, your arms, your chest, your torso, your thighs, your calves, and your feet.

Let the light run over you, cleansing you of your past and nourishing every cell in your body. Giving you strength and resolve to move forward in your highest and best.

Close your eyes and meditate on this sensation as long as you want. I recommend 10-15 minutes.

Optional additions to your magical bath experience:

  1. Meditative music
  2. Pre-recorded meditation or visualization
  3. Candles: pink, red, white, 
  4. Crystals: moonstone, desert rose, sunstone, citrine, 
  5. Fresh flowers and herbs: any color rose, lavender, bamboo, or yarrow
  6. Fruit: orange peels or sliced oranges
  7. A few drops of Radiance Anointing Oil

Ritual baths are used across cultures to cleanse and consecrate spiritual practice. Check back for an entire post on ritual baths coming soon!

Until then, READ NEXT: How to Cleanse and Clear Your Space for Magic


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