How to Create a Potent Prosperity Ritual Bath

prosperity bath herbs

Prosperity ritual baths are my favorite way to start any money or prosperity spell. Every herb and flower has a meaning and vibration that can help you reach your goals; whether that means getting a raise at work or simply tuning into your authentic self a little more. 

This post is specific to the herbal blend I include in every Prosperity Box, but I'll also include the tools and tips you need to make your own prosperity bath from scratch! 

What's in your prosperity herbal blend?

Flowers and herbs hold powerful magic, all with different energetic frequencies that help to support your magic. In witchcraft, you can use flowers in a number of different ways, but my favorite way to use them is in or around a medicine bath.

The herbal bath blend in Prosperity Box contains:

  • Jasmine: attracting money and wealth
  • Calendula: constancy, protection from negativity
  • Chamomile: for money, luck, and peace
  • Lemongrass: good luck and prosperity
  • Echinacea: inner strength and increases the potency of any spell

How to use your prosperity herbal blend

In Prosperity Box, you’ll receive a small single serving of magic herbs in a muslin drawstring bag. If you don't have a bathtub, sprinkle the herbs on or around your altar before you perform your Prosperity Box spell. 

If you do have a bath, you can use your prosperity herbal blend in one of two ways:

Using the muslin bag provided:

  • Place your herbs into the muslin bag and draw the strings tight.
  • Either pop this into your bath and let the herbs infuse into the water; or:
  • Tie the string over the faucet so the hot water runs through the herbs.
  • Option to add some Epsom or dead sea salts for added benefits

Making a “bath tea”

  • Empty your prosperity herbal blend into a pot of water – about 4 cups should do.
  • Bring the water and the herbs up to a gentle boil and simmer for anywhere from 10-15 minutes.
  • Carefully take your pot to the bath and pour through a strainer right into the tub. Or, you can strain beforehand and take your “tea” to add to your water.

Prosperity Meditation

As you get into your bath, picture your prosperity goal. Is it about money? Your career? Be as specific as you want. This is your manifestation. Feel how you would feel if you reached your goal. Don’t think of the details of how you’ll get there. Instead, picture your life as if you’ve already reached your goal.

Close your eyes and meditate on this sensation as long as you want. I recommend 10-15 minutes.

Optional additions to your magical bath experience:

  1. Meditative music
  2. Pre-recorded meditation or visualization
  3. Candles: gold, silver, white, or green; orange if you need the money to come fast
  4. Crystals: citrine, aventurine, smokey quartz, quartz, tiger’s eye, or pyrite
  5. Fresh flowers and herbs: jasmine, basil, mint, lilac to banish negative energy, poppy, or tulips
  6. Fruit: orange peels or sliced oranges
  7. Prosperity Oil

Ritual baths are used across cultures to cleanse and consecrate spiritual practice. Check back for an entire post on ritual baths coming soon!

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