Pisces Season + New Moon in Pisces 2020 [Ritual Inside!]

pisces season 2020

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It’s Pisces season! Starting on February 19 and getting its watery, emotional ways on until about March 20, Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the Zodiac.

And the New Moon on Sunday is a lovely way to dive a little deeper into this Piscean energy.

What is Pisces Energy All About?

A mutable water sign with the symbol of a fish, Pisces are known for their ability to explore the deep… of the subconscious and emotional worlds that is!

Folks with a lot of Pisces in their charts generally function way high on the spectrum of emotion and intuition, sensitive to the feelings and energy of people and things around them.

They tend to be a tad more introverted, sensitive, and artistic. And as the last sign in the wheel of the Zodiac, Pisces season is known as a time to go inward and focus on completing cycles of all kinds.

What Does Mutable Mean?

Let’s focus on this word mutable for just a sec…

In astrology, the mutable signs are the ones that help usher in a new season. They lie on the cusp of winter and spring, spring and summer, summer and fall, fall and winter.

Make sense?

As such, they’re usually associated with change, adaptability, and flexibility. Which is why these signs are usually so empathetic.

Their ability to change and adapt makes them good counselors, therapists, healers, and diplomats. On the other hand, the ever-changing nature of these signs makes it difficult for them to commit to just one idea or way of being.

Ways to Use Pisces Season to Your Advantage

As a gal with all fire and air in her chart, it’s kind of tough for me to get in on Pisces season.

Rather than feeling all flows and in touch with my emotions, I’ll sometimes rebel, getting angry and frustrated instead.

Doesn’t help that this year, Mercury Retrograde (also in Pisces) spans nearly all of Pisces season until March 9.

But there’s a lot I can learn from my Piscean sisters and brothers.

This is a great time to:

Get in touch with your deepest why.

Why do you even have the goals and dreams that you do? Do you even still want to accomplish these goals? Write down your 1-, 5-, and 10-year visions for your life and make sure they still vibe with you.

Connect with others

Make the time to connect with family, friends, and other loved ones. It’s all too easy to fill the hours with work and push connection to the side.

This is also a great time to turn up the romance if you’re in a love relationship … or turn up the love on yourself!

Relax your nervous system

Fire signs, you know I’m talking to you. Stress is really getting the best of most of us. Whether you own your own business, work from home, or are underemployed, it seems there’s always room in our brains for stress.

That means, even when you’re *technically* relaxing with a nice bath or some Netflix and (actual) chill, your brain is still on high alert, sending signals to your body that it’s time to run.

Ya’ll. We have GOT to learn to relax our nervous systems. However you do this — do it.

Practice your art

Remember when you were a kid and you got lost for hours in things like cutting pictures out of magazines or creating intricate make-believe worlds for your dolls?

Yeah — do that! Take up the guitar. Sing karaoke. Buy a cheap set of watercolor paints. Create your vision board (see ritual below!). Pisces love to get lost in their art.

Remember! You can use the energies of any sign to your advantage, even if you don’t have any of that sign in your chart.

In fact, I recommend it! It’s an excellent way to get in touch with the Zodiac, the seasons, and even nature.

Feel your feelings, but don’t become your feelings

I know that Pisces season can be really rough for people. Especially highly sensitive and intuitive folks. Just know that it’s ok to have emotions.

It’s ok to take breaks (especially away from other people). And that you may experience emotions, but you are not your emotions. This is a great time for deep breaths and journaling. Also, an excellent time to take up a meditation practice.

Feel free to dream

This one feels a bit redundant, but it bears repeating: it’s ok to slow down and FLOW with the fishies! Let yourself daydream. Get lost in your art.

Throw your schedule in the trash (at least for a few hours per day if you can get away with it). Go on a hike. Do a walking meditation.

This is the part of the energetic cycle for you to complete thought loops, let go of old patterns, and get inspired by the endless beauty of life.

New Moon in Pisces

As you may know, New Moons are traditionally a time to get your dreams, wants, and manifestations in order.

However! As the moon is at its darkest in the sky, this is also a time to go inward and reflect.

“Perfect”…. says Pisces season!

So, that’s what we’ll be doing for the first part of this New Moon ritual.

Step 1: Explore the Depths

Sit in a silent or guided meditation for 5-10 minutes, relaxing your body and asking your guides or your higher self to come out to the party.

Do a body scan from head to toes, noticing where you hold any tension, anger, anxiety, or fear.

When you’re done, open your eyes and grab your journal. Write down the parts of your body where you felt these emotions.

Now begin to explore what these sensations might mean to you.

If you’re not getting anywhere, start writing a list of fears and anxieties. Fun, right??

Dig deep and brain dump anything and everything that you might feel some tension or fear, sadness or frustration over.

This list is giving you HUGE insight into what you need to change in your life.

One of two things needs to happen from here:

  1. You wrote down a fear and it immediately lost its power over you. Yay, we’re done with that one! Check!
  2. It’s time to put your thing down, flip it and reverse it. (Missy fans? Anyone?) Look at your fear, then write down anything and everything you can actively do to assuage that fear.

For instance, if you’re broke and can’t seem to get ahead, maybe it’s time to rent a money mindset book from the library or hire a coach.

Maybe you can ask your mom to hide a certain percentage of your paycheck from you every month. Get creative!

Once you’re done with this part of the exercise, it’s time to manifest.

Step 2: Lose Yourself

In honor of Pisces season, we’re going to make sacred vision boards. The idea being you’re simultaneously losing yourself in art and manifesting for the New Moon at the same time!

  1. Put on some beautiful music. Grab some healing tea.

  2. Gather photos from magazines or the Internet. Or draw, paint, or otherwise create them yourself.

  3. Arrange your photos on a large table or on the ground so you can see everything.

  4. Light a candle (somewhere safe, away from your paper mountain) and set the intention to channel your perfect vision of the future.

  5. Place all of your photos on a giant poster board or piece of paper. I like to lay everything out first, then paste it all down when I have it exactly how I want it.

  6. Feel free to add a bit of Prosperity, Love, or Passion oil to the four corners of your board.

  7. Post this board where you can see it and take a look every day until it no longer feels aligned.