Lion's Gate Portal: What You Need To Know About the Luckiest Day of The Year

lion's gate portal

The Lion’s Gate Portal is an energetic portal that opens from about July 26th to August 12th of every year. During this time, there’s an especially potent vibrational energy beaming down to Earth from the heavens.

And these energies peak on August 8th, making it the perfect day to manifest the heck out of some abundance.

But how the heck do we know this? And if all of this is true, how can we get the most out of this energetic portal? Read on for everything you need to know about the Lion’s Gate Portal, how to plan for it, and practical tips on how to use this energy to your benefit.

The Numerology Behind The Lion’s Gate Portal

Numerology is the study of numbers and their meaning in your life. Think of it as a universal and energetic language based in the fundamental laws of nature and the cosmos.

The idea behind numerology is the universe is a complex system that, once broken down into its most fundamental parts, you’re left with sets of meaningful numbers. These numbers act as signs and signals and can help you to find meaning in yourself and the decode the complexities of the world around you.

The most potent day of the Lion’s Gate Portal is the 8th day of the 8th month, so we can look to the number 8 for the day’s meaning and power.

The Number 8 in Numerology

In numerology, the number 8 is a highly spiritual number of the soul. For instance, if you put the number 8 on its side, it turns into the infinity sign — a sign of our souls’ infinite journey. Think of your soul as a bundle of pure love energy that’s lived forever and will continue to live on long after its trip in this earth body.

It’s also a number associated with power and abundance.

But there’s a nuance to the type of abundance we’re talking about. It’s a number that allows us to detach from the material world to bring mental or spiritual goals to fruition. In other words, it’s an AMAZING number for manifestation.

But it’s not just about manifesting out of thin air, or with a simple wish. Number 8 craves aligned action. This is a time to be assertive, which means making goals and then creating a list of practical ways you can work toward them.

This energy supports you by offering an incredibly determined and responsible energy. If you normally have trouble getting stuff checked off your to-do list, you may find yourself more productive than usual.

Lion’s Gate Portal energy is a great time to organize your finances or solidify your business plan. That said, it can be difficult for some of us to soften and take time to rest and connect with our loved ones during this time (guilty!).

You’re making some big decisions and taking action, but the number 8 is also a number of balance and harmony. So, make sure you’re bringing in the balance as well.

SO, 8/8 is an incredible time to clear out old energy and make room for receiving intuitive hits — mostly likely having something to do with massive abundance.

Astrology Behind The Lion’s Gate Portal

The portal also has a lot to do with the sun moving into its ruling sign of Leo and the rising of Sirius, a fixed star in the constellation of Cancer. Back up… a star can “rise”? Yup, just as the sun and moon rise and fall daily, the movement of sun from the sign of Cancer into the Sign of Leo leaves space for us to see Sirius without being blocked by the sun.

As Sirius becomes visible, the portal opens.

Why Sirius? Sirius was a huge deal to ancient Egyptians, who used the rising of the star as a sign that the Nile was about to flood. Since the flood left soils abundant with minerals and other nutrients that brought about strong and fertile crops, the star itself is associated with massive prosperity and abundance.

Our ancestors were very in tune with the stars, believing Sirius to be a gateway to heaven. As such, Sirius rising meant they had direct access to the wisdom of the gods. Which is how the Lion’s Gate Portal can bring spiritual awakenings, deep healing, and energetic clearings that take us to the next level, both materially and spiritually.

Practical Ways to Harness The Power of the Portal

Ok, so we’re supposed to “clear out old energy and make room for receiving intuitive hits.” But what the heck does that mean from a practical perspective?

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to make space for this energy and put energy toward your life’s purpose.

#1: Practice Energetic Clearing

You can clear out your space with sacred smoke, music, magic floor washes, or other ways, which I outline in this article. You can also get some energy healing done via a Reiki session, Shamanic energy clearing, acupuncture, or any other energy healing practice that resonates with you.

For me, that can just mean lighting some candles and playing around with my tuning forks, performing self-Reiki, or doing a clearing visualizing. That might look something like… picturing waves of white or golden light washing over you, removing all negative and unwanted energies from your body and your space.

Picture the light widening until it’s covering your house, your street, your neighborhood, and more until it’s covering the entire planet. May sound silly, but visualizations like these can be extremely powerful healing. Not just for you, but the people you’re connected to.

#2: Open Your Heart

Leo rules the heart and the heart chakra, making this an amazing time to do some heavy-duty heart chakra work. We can all use it — some more than others. Make some time for a few of the healing practices below. My favorites include heart-opening yoga flows and sipping heart-opening herbal teas.

Heart-Healing Practices

  • Breathwork
  • Stretching/heart-opening exercises or yoga poses
  • Journaling
  • Reparenting technique 
  • Emotional release of grief and forgiveness
  • Inner child work (specifically nurturing the 4-7 year old in you.) What did you like to do at these ages? What were you missing at those ages that you can give yourself now?
  • Self-acceptance and self-compassion work

#3: Tune Into Your Intuition

With direct access to such powerful higher energies, this is a great time to open your third eye and crown chakras and start downloading!

I like to use the Akashic Records for this. I’ll write a whole post on what these are soon, but for now, check out my teacher Helen Vonderheide. She’s the authority on this stuff, but you don’t need to be a certified practitioner to access your records. Pick up a copy of this book to start accessing your records on your own today.

Accessing higher realms could be as simple as taking extra time to meditate or simply sit in silence. You can even ask questions (silently or out loud) about your life or what messages you need to be receiving. You could also try a third eye or chakra-opening meditation. There are several good ones on YouTube and on apps like InsightTimer.

#4: Get SUPER Organized and Focus on What Matters

Oh my goodness, will this portal ever show you what truly matters. What’s coming up for you lately? Frustration and unexplained anger? Huge bursts of creative energy? Maybe the burning desire to completely reorganize your home and nest?

Whether it’s “good” or “bad”, take some time to note recurring themes. For instance, I was getting angry really easily in the days leading up to 8/8. I decided to sit with my partner and identify the emotions behind my anger and we were able to uncovering some really interesting patterns.

You can do this by journaling or meditating and asking your Spirit Guides what it is you need to focus on. You can also use the Akashic Records for this practice or hire an intuitive, psychic, or card reader to help you identify what to do next.

Another practice I really enjoyed this Lion’s Gate season was brain dumping every damn thing I want to do in the world onto several pieces of paper. Then, I took every item and organized it into “Must Do”, “Coming Up Next”, and “Nice to Have”.

It helped me to prioritized what’s important in my business and the rest of my life. That way, I can create aligned action toward massive abundance, which is what Lion’s Gate energy is all about anyway.

A Mini Lion’s Gate Portal Ritual

In a nutshell, I would use today to …

Sit in meditation or silence for several minutes to an hour. Keep your journal handy and write down any messages that pop into your head. They don’t have to make sense. Just write.

Take some more time to write a massive brain dump to-do list. Even if this is ALL about self-love and self-care or your relationships. Your list could have ZERO to do with work or your career. Write everything you want to do in your life down.

Then, begin to organize it all into three columns. “Must Have/Must Do” “Coming Up Next” and “Nice to Have/Not Important”.

Post your list somewhere you can see it so you’re always reminded of what matters.

Help! I Feel Like Crap During the Lion’s Gate Portal

All of this sounds so positive and abundant… so, why do I feel like crap? Big energetic shifts can be challenging. Just think of the full moon and new moon energies.

So many people I know get piercing headaches or have to stay in bed all day when the full moon hits. Some cry for hours without reason or need to lock themselves in a room with a bunch of candles and burning sage until the anxiety passes.

I think all of these things are messages. Emotions and physical symptoms are, after all, just information. If you’re feeling especially anxious, I highly recommend the above ritual to help you get your thoughts straight.

Get very quiet and in touch with your physical and emotional bodies and listen to what you need. If you’re feeling especially untethered, make an appointment with a trusted energy healer or card reader. You may also want to make an appointment with your therapist or call a good friend. It’s ok to ask for help.

And know that you’re not in this alone!

Thanks to Forever Conscious for an awesome article on the Portal.