Full Moon + Eclipse on January 10: What Does it Mean For You?

full moon in cancer eclipse january 2020

January 10th, 2020 marks a Full Moon in Cancer and the first full moon of the decade. It’s also a lunar eclipse, which comes with its own vibes.

Not to put on the heat, but this particular full moon may just set the stage for the entire year ahead. Or, at the very least, the next six months or so.

No pressure, but I highly recommend paying attention to anything coming up for you right now (if you're not even sure what this means, check out the ritual below for step-by-step instructions). 

This is a time of massive spiritual, emotional, and physical upgrades. And if you’re reading this, it’s very likely you’re already feeling the shifts. 

How Do Eclipses Work?

Typically, full moons are for celebrating the culmination and end of a cycle. Then, we prepare to release… release emotion, release energy, and release all the stuff that’s no longer serving our highest good. But eclipses bring some new and Interesting energy to a full moon.

Eclipses work in a couple of different ways:

 1. They can bring an air of uncertainty, which can translate into feelings like anxiety or an absence of control. I mean… do we ever really have control? Nope. But eclipse cycles always seem to make this even more apparent.

2. They can bring up issues and challenges that were ready to deal with, process, and release. They’re also likely to bring about realizations and new thought patterns. 

For instance, you might have had trouble hitting the gym regularly your whole life. And now, all of a sudden, it’s a no brainer. You crave working out like you used to crave Pringles. Don’t question it! Just go with the new flow.

What are the Themes of This Full Moon + Eclipse

With the sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, we’ll be dealing with a couple of powerful and related energies:

#1: Capricorn asks us to deal with themes of power, authority and creating structure in our lives. 

#2: Cancer is all about feeling safe, loved, and mothered.  

So, you can start to ponder …. 

  • How are these two themes related in your life? 
  • How are we witnessing authority and control play out in society and politics?
  • Does this make you feel safe or scared? 

This full moon is also very much linked to what was coming up for you around the new moon on December 26th.

Did you make notes of your manifestations at that time? Get those out again… you’ll want to read them over. These might have been related to money, work, or career matters.

  • In what ways are you setting up a foundation for your future?
  • In what ways do you feel powerful or disempowered?

Now, with the Full Moon in Cancer, we’re settling into what it means to feel safe and nurtured, both physically and emotionally. Again… you can see how these two themes are related. 

BUT, because eclipses can bring in an air of unpredictability, you’re likely feeling a bit uneasy as well… maybe a bit anxious and out of control. That is 100% natural. 

Be gentle with yourself and others. Everyone is going through it to some extent right now.

Events, emotions, and realizations coming up right now are meant to steer you on the right path, not take you off track. Trust it all… and surrender, surrender, surrender.

A Note on The Collective Consciousness

Whether we like it or not, we are part of a collective consciousness. What this means to me is that we can feel or sense a baseline of emotion that the rest of humanity is also feeling. During times of great inequality or war, there might be a collective sadness or anxiety. 

That’s why even if you avoid the news, it’s very likely you’re feeling a bit on edge (if not completely out of your mind with worry) in response to what’s going on globally (and locally) right now.

Give yourself space and time to process all of these emotions. And make sure to protect yourself energetically so you can stay strong throughout more intense times. 

How to Use the Full Moon in Cancer + Eclipse For Massive Growth and Abundance [Ritual]

Step 1: Write

Feel free to light a spell candle and turn on some beautiful, meditative music.

First, look back to December 26, 2019:

  • What were some of your intentions then? 
  • What’s changed for you over the last couple of weeks? 
  • What have you stepped into? 
  • What have your challenges been? 
  • What have you learned? 

Now, write down any themes that have been coming up for you over the past week or so. 

  • What’s been going on in your life? 
  • What do you feel anxious about? 
  • What’s going right?
  • What is it that you’re working on changing or upgrading. 

These are all the themes you’ll be working with over the next six months or so. 

Step 2: Roll

Take these pages and roll them into a scroll. Tie them with a ribbon or string. I like to use gold or green for abundance. Keep these on your altar and read them during the June, 2020 eclipse season!

Step 3: Connect to your future self

Turn on some beautiful music, sit in a quiet space, close your eyes, and begin to relax. When you’re in a relaxed state, begin to picture your life and the world six months from now -- as the absolute best-case scenario. 

This is how you begin re-training your brain into a manifesting state. It’s like daydreaming or playing makebelieve. Ask your guides to show you what all of that will look like with your highest and best in mind… 

If you have trouble visualizing, just start from the time you wake up in the morning and picture your “perfect day” from there. 

Step 4: Gratitude and Thank you

Place your hands over your heart and think of some gratitudes you have for your life. For your beautiful life to come. Say thank you three times and close out the energy.

Crystals to ease anxiety and worry

If you’re feeling super anxious or like you don’t quite know what to do with yourself, these healing crystals might help. Sometimes I sleep with a giant black tourmaline like a very rocky teddy bear. 

  • Black tourmaline for protection
  • Kyanite for spiritual wellness
  • Hematite to soak up negativity and stress
  • White howlite for insomnia
  • Shungite for stress at work

Cumin Coriander and Fennel Tea

This is an ancient Ayurvedic recipe that’s meant to balance and heal. It’s good for any dosha (or constitution) and helps with gut health and overall balance. 

I’ve been sipping on a pot every day and feel amazing. It’s incredibly soothing and may even help reduce bloat and tummy troubles. My Ayurvedic friends tell me this is safe to sip on daily.  

The recipe is super simple: 

To make: 

  1. I just add everything to a pot and simmer for 5-10 minutes. Then, reheat as needed!

Here are and the magical correspondences of each ingredient, just for kicks!

  • Cumin: Protection from theft and to ward off evil; can also be used in love and sex magic
  • Coriander: Draws love, fidelity, and protects against illness
  • Fennel: Used for protection, especially against government entities!

That's it, my babes! Happy full moon ~ may it bring you growth and abundance!